Sustainable Yacht Ya, traveling the world without a drop of fuel!

Between September 2016 and the summer of 2018, the Sustainable Yacht "Ya" will be the first pleasure yacht to sail around the world without using fossil fuels. Because even without diesel, petrol and gas it is possible to safely and comfortably sail the oceans.

Around the world

In 2016-2018, Sustainable Yacht "Ya" will be the first pleasure yacht to sail around the world using only her own sustainable energy sources. Diesel, petrol and gas are left ashore. The ocean-worthy (CE-A/Ocean) and drying-out yacht generates all of its own energy. The yacht has also been built in such a way that she uses as little energy as possible. The Ya is equipped with ordinary means, available to everyone, such as solar panels, thermal insulation, wind and water generators, LED lighting and other sustainable solutions.

Using only her own sources of energy, locally available food is cooked. Her crew travels sustainably, yet comfortably, using such means as electric engines, an induction cooker, a freezer, a microwave, Wi-Fi, GPS, radar and anything they could possibly need. The ship generates sufficient energy to allow for a comfortable life on board. By traveling this way, an extra dimension is added to cruising.

Hi-tech and low-tech

Sustainable Yacht "Ya" is a demo yacht. She demonstrates that sailing both comfortably and sustainably isn't only possible, but it can be a very fulfilling activity. Fossil fuels are no longer a necessity, even if one doesn't want to go all the way around the world.

Every place Ya visits, her crew demonstrates how the ship works to all those who are interested. The demo yacht also shows how to apply energy-efficient solutions in other yachts. There are various hi-tech and low-tech items on board, all of them affordable and available to the average yacht owner.

Whenever possible, Ya's crew undertakes sustainable action in the places they visit. For example, by addressing a local problem and inventing solutions, but also very concretely by installing a helophyte filter for clean drinking water. Or by advising on how someone can quickly conserve a lot of energy. Because conserving energy is generally easier than you would think!

Want to join us?

Skipper Peter Hoefnagels will sail the "Ya" around the world. Would you like to join us for part of the journey? We can take aboard two or three paying passengers for every trajectory. Most trajectories span a few weeks. As the weeks pass, you will start living by the rhythm of the ocean, where the ship, the wind, the sun and the weather are the most important elements. Without a mobile phone, but with the possibility to receive weather reports via the radio, maintain contact with other ships and send emails around the world.

Sailing on the Sustainable Yacht costs no more than a normal sea sailing holiday. Interested in more information? Please contact Peter Hoefnagels,, +31 6 283 44 823.

For more details on sustainable sailing, please send us an e-mail or check our Dutch website With a little help of Google Translate, you can surely understand what it's all about.

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